September’s This Week In History

Here was September’s This Week In History that was published weekly on the McHenry Public Library’s homepage.

  • September 4, 1930  – Headline: HS Enrollment Breaks Records

The McHenry High School saw a drastic rise in its population securing 63 new students in its freshman class alone and total attendance up to 200 students. Credit was given to Superintendent C. H. Duker in promoting the importance of education to the community.

  • September 15, 1904  – Headline: Riverside Dance

On September 10, 1904 the Riverside Hall hosted a dance contest that was attended by 90 couples. The dance was a close contest and five couples were selected as finalists. The deciding performance was a waltz, with the winning couple each receiving a 2 1/2 dollar gold piece.

  • September 23, 1948  – Headline: “Tandem Time” To Be Benefit Production Of Hospital Group

The Woodstock Auxiliary hosted its annual fundraiser to benefit the construction of a new wing for the Woodstock Hospital for mothers and newborn infants. The performance was “Tandem Time” an 1890s piece. McHenry residents, who would also benefit from the construction, performed and supplied costumes for the fundraiser.

  • September 26, 1877  – Headline: The McHenry Pickle Factory A short sketch of what they are doing this season

The McHenry Pickle Factory was economically solvent in 1877, a time when the US as a whole was in the midst of an economic panic. The McHenry Pickle Factory building was over 500 feet long and processed 25/ 40 gallon barrels of pickles a day. The factory also owned the nearby cooper shop, which supplied all of the barrels & casks needed for their pickle & vinegar business.