The Chic Perkins Comedy Company

For the better part of McHenry’s early history, the Riverside Hotel was the place for some of the best entertainment in the city. In the early 1890s, the Riverside featured the Chic Perkins Comedy Company. The Company was headed by Genevieve “Chic” Perkins and her husband Frank King. Most of the performances were comedy/dramas that… Continue reading The Chic Perkins Comedy Company


The Bridge Ballroom

In the beginning of the 1930s, the Polly Prim soon went by the name of ‘The Bridge’ or ‘The Bridge Ballroom.’ During the 1930s and 1940s, the Bridge would operate similarly to the Prim. Dances, dinners, and fights were again very popular. However, due to some different factors, mainly from the Depression and World War… Continue reading The Bridge Ballroom

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The Origins of the West McHenry Post Office

McHenry has had several things that make it stand out from its neighbors. Yet, one of the more distinctive things about it was that for many years it was the only city in America to have two Post Offices that worked independently of each other. From 1882 to 1950 McHenry had two post offices, one… Continue reading The Origins of the West McHenry Post Office