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Decoration Day in 19th Century McHenry

Following the Civil War, the nation was looking for various way to heal itself and deal with the carnage it had just gone through. Decorating the graves of fallen Civil War soldiers with flowers became the tradition that we now call Memorial Day. Declared by General John Logan in 1868, Decoration Day (or what is… Continue reading Decoration Day in 19th Century McHenry

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Operation Alert

In the 1950s, the US was in the tensest time of the Cold War. This new type of war brought a new variety of fears due to the weapons of mass destruction that were available. The most infamous being the atomic bomb. Civilian defense organizations were set up at the state and national level. Many… Continue reading Operation Alert

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The Masquerade Ball of February 1878

In August of 1919, a local resident named “Buff” Feltz stopped by the McHenry Plaindealer office with an old dance program he found in walls of a Crystal Lake house he helped raze. Plaindealer editor, F. G. Schreiner found the program interesting and posted the details of the dance thinking that some of the “old-timers”… Continue reading The Masquerade Ball of February 1878