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The Polly Prim

When McHenry was a travel destination for vacationers, it offered many colorful locations for people to enjoy themselves. One of the most interesting places was the Polly Prim which was located where the Hickory Pit now sits today on Rte. 120 & Charles St. The Polly Prim was built in the spring of 1924, by… Continue reading The Polly Prim


The Closing of the West McHenry Post Office

When the McHenry Post Office moved in 1882, it opened up one of the most interesting parts of the city’s history. For many years, McHenry was the only city in the country with two Post Offices in one zip code and surprisingly, it had some rather colorful events. (There was another fire on the north… Continue reading The Closing of the West McHenry Post Office