McHenry’s Air Man

During the 1930s America went through a period where parachuting became a popular form of entertainment. Parachutes for use in airplanes were originally designed to help a pilot escape a disabled plane about to crash. Those who survived were actually part of a club known as the Caterpillar Club. Charles Lindbergh was said to have… Continue reading McHenry’s Air Man


The Chic Perkins Comedy Company

For the better part of McHenry’s early history, the Riverside Hotel was the place for some of the best entertainment in the city. In the early 1890s, the Riverside featured the Chic Perkins Comedy Company. The Company was headed by Genevieve “Chic” Perkins and her husband Frank King. Most of the performances were comedy/dramas that… Continue reading The Chic Perkins Comedy Company