Community Events

Armistice Day & the “Home-Coming For The Boys”

The United States wasn't in the First World War for long, but when it did become involved, the nation fully immersed itself in the conflict. Overall, the county bought over $5 million in liberty war bonds and raised over $100,000 in donations. Not bad for a county with 33,000 people according to the 1920 census.… Continue reading Armistice Day & the “Home-Coming For The Boys”

Accidents & Incidents, Churches, Historic Structures

The Fire and Rebirth of St. Mary’s Catholic Church

In April of 1918, Peter Sheid, a popular blacksmith who once lived in McHenry and Crystal Lake, passed away. On April 11, his funeral service was held at St. Mary’s Church. While helping prepare the grave, N.J. Justen noticed smoke pouring from the roof of the Church. He sped over and alerted Rev. Edward Berthold,… Continue reading The Fire and Rebirth of St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Businesses, Community Buildings

The Riverside Manufacturing Company

During the mid 1940s, McHenry was going through somewhat of an economic boom, mainly brought upon producing war materials for the front. It was this opportunity that brought Sam & Madeline Nathanson to McHenry from Chicago. Sam was involved in the clothing manufacturing business since he started working. After selling their shares of a company… Continue reading The Riverside Manufacturing Company