The Mysterious Case of Frederick Wennerstrom pt. 2

On the night of September 5, George Phister was just starting his security rounds at the Ravinia Park Casino when he was overtaken by a group of men in the dark. They took his keys, bound him and proceeded to rob the Casino. Also, in what was probably an accident in attempting to scare him,… Continue reading The Mysterious Case of Frederick Wennerstrom pt. 2


McHenry’s 1st Christmas Parade

On December 10, 1961, McHenry Held its first Christmas Parade. Sponsored by the city’s Chamber of Commerce, the idea was to celebrate the holiday season as well as drum up sales for local businesses. The McHenry COC also sponsored the Fiesta Day Parade, Play Day as well as the Dollar Day.  Just like today, businesses… Continue reading McHenry’s 1st Christmas Parade